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Marvin Büttner mit seinem Filmrig in der Hand, bestehend aus dem DJI RS3 Gimbal, der Sony Alpha 7 IV und einem Tamron Objektiv sowie einem Atomos Monitor und einem Rode Mikrofon.





Videographer from Germany.

Marvin Büttner smiles into the camera with his complete film rig in his hand, consisting of the Sony Alpha 7 IV and a Tamron lens as well as an Atomos monitor and a Rode microphone.


Grew up in Franconia, studied and realized my dream of videography. 

I am fascinated by the possibility of capturing emotions and energetic moments as well as atmospheric atmospheres - and thus telling stories and inspiring people across every linguistic and cultural barrier.

The enthusiasm of the people that my work reaches is a matter close to my heart - but the enthusiasm and satisfaction of my customers is just as important to me. I set particular importance to reliability as well as an open & extensive communication.

In almost everything in the world, I see a multitude of images, scenes and stories told in parallel. What story do you want to tell?

Tell me here from your vision and together we create a visual masterpiece from your vision.


Together we forge creative visions - from idea to tailor-made concept.


Concepts become emotions and unique moments. I bring your story to life.


This is where the raw material is fine-tuned and becomes a visual masterpiece.


+49 151 68123899

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  • What different types of videos do I offer?
    My offer includes the creation of After movies for your (sports) event Image videos or recruiting videos for your company Wedding videos for the most special day of your life Advertising productions for your services or your product Apart from this, I am completely open to other exciting inquiries and ideas for a possible creative, filmic implementation of your personal visions. Each project is tailored to your needs and vision in a prior consultation to ensure that the results exceed your expectations.
  • How far do I travel for your project?
    I offer my services as a videographer in Nuremberg & surrounding area, but I also enjoy traveling anywhere in Germany to realize your project. Travel and subsistence costs are taken into account in my offer. For every idea and every project there is the right solution and location for your vision - let's talk here! Europe-wide or worldwide trips are also possible (depending on the scope of the project etc.).
  • How much does a videographer cost in Nuremberg?
    The costs for booking a videographer in Nuremberg can vary greatly, depending on the duration of the shoot, the equipment required for implementation, the desired duration of the final video and the complexity of the project and its planning. For me, smaller projects start at €400. Additional costs for travel or specific requests can be taken into account. Contact me here and give me rough information for a possible first offer or arrange an introductory call with me directly here to clarify any outstanding questions and create lively concepts together from your ideas.
  • How can you book me?
    Feel free to leave me a message here with initial ideas & Introductions there or arrange an introductory call here.This will be followed by an initial preliminary offer and I will begin the precise conception and planning. As soon as you are satisfied with this, the booking process is already done!
  • Can we get to know each other first?
    Of course! And I really enjoy it too.If you come from the Nuremberg region, we would be happy to meet at a café in a relaxed atmosphereor alternatively make an initial get-to-know-you call online (here). For wedding videos, I even require you to do this before I accept a booking.(I think you can understand why this is so important to me and it's probably just as important to you.)
Marvin Büttner with his complete film rig in hand, consisting of the Sony Alpha 7 IV and a Tamron lens as well as an Atomos monitor and a Rode microphone.

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Do not hesitate contacting me. I am sure that I can help with all kinds of questions.

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